Seery Strings | Rental Terms and Conditions
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Rental Insurance Policy

Never attempt repairs on your rental instrument. With the exception of replacement of broken strings, any repairs performed by you or a third party will render you responsible for all costs associated with the repair or replacement of the instrument.

Routine maintenance is also included in the rental fee. This includes the replacement of worn, not broken, strings with rental-quality strings, adjustment of bridges, necessary bow rehairs, and the gluing of open seams. 

The renter will not be responsible for stolen instruments if a police report is provided, otherwise the instrument is considered lost.

Our maintenance and repair policies apply only to rental accounts that are current. Past due accounts will be responsible for all maintenance, repair, and replacement costs.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel this rental agreement at any time, provided you are current on rental fees and the instrument is returned in substantially the same condition as when it was received by you. Prepaid yearly rentals will be pro-rated by quarter and rental fees will be refunded as appropriate.

Credit Toward Purchase

If you choose to purchase your rental instrument Seery Strings will apply 100% of your first year’s rental fees, 50% of the second year’s rental fees, and 20% of each subsequent year’s rental fees toward the purchase of either the rental instrument or another instrument of the same class. Rental credit must be used within 90 days of the end of the final rental period/return of instrument. Sales tax and maintenance package fee do not accrue as credit.

Rental Renewals/Returns

Renewal notices will be sent in the month before the rental expires.

Rentals not being renewed must be returned by the expiration date. Late returns will automatically be renewed at the current rental rate. Non-payment and/or non-return of the instrument will result in our charging the credit card on file for all appropriate rental and/or replacement charges.

Instrument may be exchanged for a different size, at no extra cost, at any time during the rental period. There may be a 2 week waiting period, depending on whether we have the appropriate size in stock.

Optional Damage Waiver Terms

Optional damage waiver covers all accidental damage that requires major repair including broken bridges, broken strings, broken necks, and large cracks to the instrument body. Intentional abuse is not covered and repair of abused instruments and bows will be the renter’s responsibility.