Seery Strings | Bows
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The bow is often thought of as an accessory, but it is so much more than that – it is an extension of the musician. We deeply understand the intricacies of how and why the bow works as it does and we have curated a fine selection of bows that will allow most musicians to find a bow they love. With years of conscientious experience we know how to communicate with younger and/or beginner musicians to help guide them to an appropriate choice.  We do not carry “throw away” bows that are not serviceable or not worth rehairing. However, our bows start at prices that are affordable. We carry pernambuco, carbon fiber, and brazilwood bows and just as with our instruments, we are sticklers about quality!


Violin Bows:

Krutz CF Carbon Fiber – $89.00

A. Eastman Brazilwood – $145

Krutz BC Braided Carbon Fiber – $150

Krutz WC Woven Carbon Fiber – $175

Werner Model 1 Brazilwood – $190

Werner Model 2 Brazilwood – $210

Krutz CW Carbon Fiber with Pernambuco veneer – $240

Coda Diamond NX – $395

Werner Model 4 Pernambuco – $400

Krutz NP Pernambuco – $400

Tourte Copy Pernambuco – $420

Alfred Knoll – $470

Coda Luma – $540

T. Pampolin Pernambuco – $630

Coda Diamond GX – $810

W. Seifert Pernambuco – $960

Vintage Workshop Pernambuco – $1200