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Violas For Sale


Seery Strings is proud to offer an ever-expanding selection of violas both new and previously owned. We will continue to search for the best violas available in a variety of sizes to try.

viola frontviola backThis is a unlabeled German workshop viola circa 1930. Beautifully constructed inside and out, this viola is delightful. Measuring 15 7/8" and having a somewhat shallower rib depth compared to other violas make this a really nice instrument that should be a great fit for the right person. The tone is lush and velvety and would be a welcome and enveloping tone for an ensemble setting. Set up with Obligato strings helps work the viola's strengths.


viola frontviola back"Franz Sandner FS904" circa 2012, 15.5". The C string is crisp and open and overall has a big rich tone and sounds like a larger viola. Set up with Obligato C, G, and D, and Kaplan A.


viola frontviola backThese Calin Wultur violas are so very wonderful. This model #7 measures out at 15 7/8" and was made in Reghin, Romania 2015. Set up with our favorite viola strings, Pirastro Obligatos, this viola sings with power, depth and warmth.


viola frontviola backThe Maestro 15.5" viola is a beautiful instrument. The tone ranges from rich lows to sweet highs - powerful throughout with a degree of maturity to the tone despite its newness. Exceptional!



viola frontviola backThis viola is large (17" body length) and in charge! Huge tone with cello-like overtones and sweetness, and exceptional response and clarity (particularly on the C string), make for a highly desirable viola. It is labeled August F. Kohr HC915V 2014 and set up with Larsen strings.


viola frontviola backA 16" Model 400 viola that is beautiful all-around! The tone is big and bold, ready to fill out any sized ensemble. Set up with Kaplan strings.


viola frontviola backFor sale is an Andreas Eastman model 305 15" viola made in 2003. It has a huge tone for its size. It has a lovely dark tone with a good degree of response. Hard to go wrong with this one!


viola frontviola backHere is a Gafiano viola. Like the violins and Garrett cellos these are an exceptional value. The tone is excellent and the construction is very good! Set up with Helicore strings and ebony fittings. Generally available in a variety of sizes.