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Planetary Perfection Pegs by Knilling and Pegheds

Seery Strings is the original place in Connecticut to have Planetary Perfection Pegs by Knilling installed on your violin, viola, or cello. It is our opinion that if you can afford these pegs you should get them. These pegs are high quality geared pegs that look just like traditional pegs but operate in a way which eliminates the need for fine tuners. Not having to use fine tuners means a lighter tailpiece for enhanced acoustic performance. More importantly Perfection Pegs mean the end of unravelling strings, stuck pegs, and the maintneance and replacement hassles of traditional pegs. Perfection Pegs are available in a variety of sizes so most of the time expensive bushings are not necessary. We also now affer Pegheds pegs which are the same mechanism, but can be customized so you can have the look you really want. Have Planetary Perfection Pegs installed on you violin, viola, or cello toady and get the job done right the first time at Seery Strings in Bristol, Connecticut. Call for a consultation about whether these pegs might be right for you and your instrument.


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