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Seery Strings offers one of the finest consignment services in the area with a very good trackrestored violin record of selling fine instruments. If you have a violin, viola, or cello that you would like to sell we can evaluate it to determine whether it meets our requirements for sale. We can provide any level of service, restoration, and repair needed to make the instrument showroom ready and the charges for repair come off at the time of sale so no money is required up front from the consignee. We then determine its value using the best resources, information, and experience available. We are then able to offer win-win pricing for our buyers and sellers! We make the best use of our website to display and describe your instrument in a classy and professional manner.

Consignment rates are as follows:

  • Instruments under $5000 - 30%
  • Instruments $5000-10,000 - 25%
  • Instruments 10,000-20,000 - 20%