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Coda Diamond Bows

The Coda Diamond series bows are a remarkable step forward in carbon fiber bow technology. All Coda competitors and the previous line of Coda bows suffer from the same deficiencies being made only of carbon fiber or braided carbon fiber when compared to good quality wood bows. The main problems were tone and playability. Carbon fiber bows have become known for not sounding as warm and rich as a wood bow and also for being very bouncy in feel to a fault. The Diamond series bows make significant improvements in the warmth and richness of tone thanks to a new composite material in the core of the stick. As far as playability goes I think they have completely made up for any deficiencies when coda bowscompared to wood bows. The Diamond bows are very similar in feel to the some of the best wood bows. The over-bounciness and springiness have been eliminated. Coda offers these bows in three different models each slightly better than the previous. For maturing musicians the first bow in the Diamond series is the NX, a nickel mounted bow with a Kevlar core that is better in every way than the old Coda Classic. The next step up is a silver mounted bow with a black stick and a carbon fiber slide on the frog looking more “futuristic,” the SX. The SX features Coda’s more advanced core technology, a Kevlar composite material that is a noticeable improvement in tone and finesse over the NX. Then last but far from least is the GX that has the same core material as the SX but has a reddish-brown colored stick looking more traditional. The GX is silver mounted but for the Coda emblem on the frog which is gold. The GX is a more subtle improvement over the SX with the balance being slightly better. I am a big fan of the new Coda bows and I believe they would make an excellent addition to any string player’s arsenal. Coda also offers an entry-level bow called the “Prodigy,” it is comparable to other good quality carbon fiber bows.