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Cellos for Sale

cello frontcello backGaetano Pareschi - signed 1955, made in Ferrara. This very unique 5-string cello was crafted in a transition style combining elements of Baroque and Classical styling. Add to that folk art decorations, likely added later, and the intrigue deepens. The tone is remarkable despite its three-quarter size body length. Perfect for Bach's Sixth Suite! Please contact us for more information.

cello frontcello backThis is the DR30 "Dragon" cello from Howard Core. The sound is powerful, responsive, and focused. There is nice depth to the tone which is in the middle of the spectrum--not too dark, not too bright. Set up with Spirocore Silver C and G, and Kaplan D and A, Despiau B grade bridge, Wittner tailpiece, and carbon fiber endpin. Exceptional value!


cello frontcello backSheng Liu Model 10 Cello with a professional set up all the way! This is a true powerhouse instrument and represents a truly exceptional value in tone for the price! Must be heard to be believed!


cello frontcello backThis Model 500 cello is simply excellent. Gorgeous craftsmanship with a tone that yeilds nuance, power, and refinement which all pour easily from this cello when played.


cello frontcello backOur Model 400 cello is a lovely intrument! The tone is lush, warm, and sonorous.


cello frontcello backAn outstanding cello labeled "Albert Lee 1999". Excellent tonewoods and elegant construction. The tone is Resonant, sweet, and velvety. This cello has it all!


cello backThis Karl Hofner cello made in Bubenreuth Germany circa 1970 is a real winner. It is well constructed, well set up, and in excellent condition. The tone is big, bold, and powerful just like one would expect from a quality German cello.


cello frontcello backOur model 300 cello is another excellent example of value. The cello looks beautiful, but the tone is outstanding! A real upgrade from our entry level offering, this cello has much more color, vibrance, and response to offer a musician.


                cello frontcello backFinally! A cello that is both more affordable and meets our stringent quality standards. Seery Strings Model 250 2016. Great value with a medium bodied tone throughout.