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Jun 26 2018

Our Current Collection – Full List

Violin Viola Cello [vc_separator type="normal" position="left" color="" border_style="dashed" width="" thickness="" up="" down=""]   Current Violin Collection Yang Kai Apprentice, China, 2018–$500 Eastman VL100, China, 2018-$585 Johannes Kohr K500, China, 2018–$600 Revelle Model 500, China, 2017–$650 3/4 Seery Strings Model 300, China, 2017-$850 Seery Strings Model 300, China, 2018–$850 Karl Hofner H5, Germany, 2017–$900 Core Select CS1150, China, 2017–$1100 Core...

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Apr 25 2018

Our Violins

The violins shown are our private label line of violins. Buying from a top tier distributor unlabeled and unadjusted allows us to save and pass that savings on to our customers. All of them come with quality strings, the outstanding Seery Strings setup, and they...

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Mar 19 2018

Upper Level Violins

As one progresses through their musical studies, the need for a better violin can often arise. The most common question we get is, "What makes a more expensive violin worth the price?"  In general as the price goes up, the materials get better, the craftsmanship improves,...

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Mar 18 2018

Entry Level Violins

The violins here are representative of what we believe is the level of quality where 'real violins' begin. Violins costing less than this come with significant compromises on quality. Whether it's materials, construction, or tone, something has to give in lower priced violins. This is...

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